UCLA Latinx film and theatre association 

LFTA Logo 2021.png


The Latinx Film and Theatre Association is an organization based in UCLA. Our mission is to provide Latinx students a platform to create and showcase their artistic work. As the only Latinx-focused film and theatre group at UCLA, we understand the difficulties of finding a home on campus, and we strive to bring talented and dedicated individuals together to produce art in a collective setting. 

The Latinx Film and Theatre Association has been active on campus since 2004 (formerly Night of Cultura), and now continues as an expansion of the organization founded 15 years ago. We host Night of Cultura (our signature play showcase) annually, and in 2019 we hosted the first ever Latinx Film Festival at UCLA. We are always looking to expand our reach and welcome people from all experiences levels! Members of LFTA learn about all parts of the creative process, from writing and producing to acting and design. 

Our Mission

We strive to foster Bruin Latinx-created art in a collaborative setting! We produce student-written short films and plays from start to finish, as well as put on a yearly showcase. 


Our Vision

Latinx Bruins deserve a platform to develop and display their creative talents at UCLA. We want to increase the visibility of Latinx artists to the larger community on our campus.